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Why I Prefer to Fly instead of Drive

There are many people out there that take a vacation that prefers to drive to their destination instead of fly. Personally, I think it’s a mistake to drive instead.
Driving instead has many drawbacks to just avoid the price of an airline ticket. In reality, it doesn’t cost a whole lot in comparison to both the gas, food, and potentially the short stays in a hotel when you drive. You have to pull over the car somewhere to use a disgusting public restroom, you can’t sleep on the way there, driving can be exhausting, and if your car breaks down, you’re in a lot of trouble.
If you buy an airline ticket nearly, everything is taken care of for you. You get there so much faster, flying is a fun experience, and you can do a lot more for entertainment since you aren’t focused on the road instead. The whole trip there you’ll be glad you didn’t decide to put all of those miles on your vehicle. You don’t have the freedom of driving your vehicle once you get there, but paying for the rental is more than worth it. Especially when the trip across a couple of different states is narrowed down to merely four hours that you can easily sleep, or watch movies through with a sweet beverage.
Even if I were an individual, who got sick on flights, though I’m not, I would still choose flying over driving on any trip that’s over a few hundred miles. The cost difference is quite minimal, and the experience is a lot better.


Airport Security

If there is one thing that people complain about while visiting an airport, it’s the security process that they have to go through.
The TSA puts you through numerous different kinds of security checks before you can get anywhere near the airplane your boarding. The line can be unpredictable, and in some cases, it causes people to miss their flight. Is it highly over exaggerated, though, or is it necessary?
Traveling via air flight is statistically the safest way to travel, and I think that what TSA does is necessary to keep it that way. Although there are some rough stories out there that can make you think twice about that, I believe that it’s the case of there simply being at least one bad employee in every service. That includes the TSA, and shouldn’t throw away the importance behind them after having a single bad experience.
Although, there is the matter of personal privacy to figure in. Even someone who supports them such as I, the violation of my personal privacy can get very uncomfortable very quickly. The line you have to cross before the violation has gone way too far can be a very hard line to see, but to a certain point, I’m okay with it. The day they start going through my cell phone, or personal conversations in some format will be the day I change my mind about the TSA instantly.
In final retrospect, I think that the TSA is essential for airport security, but everyone their sensitivity when it comes down to how far is too far when it’s the violation of their privacy.

How to get through airport security quickly and painlessly? Enjoy the tips in the video below.

Money-Saving Strategies when Flying

If you’ve ever talked to a frequent flier about getting advice on your very first flight, you’ll get a list of advice that’s a mile long.

There are so many tricks, and tips that people use to get a flight for a little cheaper, or simply get a more comfortable experience that the information could be sold in a moderate-sized book. For many people, money isn’t in abundance. So any way to shave a few dollars off of an airline ticket is more than welcomed.
To be fair, it can be difficult today to find both a cheap, and reliable service. That’s why whenever I find a good one no matter what field it’s in, like the landscaper I use at Concord Landscaping Construction; I keep their number saved in my phone!
It’s known that some people take it to extremes that aren’t recommended such as lying to flight attendants to get better seats, or file a fake complaint in hopes to get some compensation to ease your “pain.” In my opinion, it’s something that’s highly unethical and simply ruins the flying experience for a lot of honest individuals. The airline has to respond to these sort of things, and it either raises the price of their tickets to cover loss due to complaints, gets hardworking employees fired, or more.
As a person who has flown multiple times, I still haven’t gotten to that point in my flying experience to start looking for the best tricks to save a few dollars on my airline ticket. With the cost though of a typical flight I’m more than willing to look into it within ethical bounds.

This video should give you a few starting ideas:

Inside a City’s Airport

Airport airplane

With my experiences of flying and the numerous stories I’ve heard from other people who’ve flown, the airport has almost become an embassy of the primary location they’re in. It’s almost as if every airport is themed.
If you want to know what Los Angeles is like for example, all you have to do is spend about fifteen minutes in the LAX airport at any terminal. You learn a little bit about what the city cares about, and get a fairly decent idea of what the main tourist attraction is.
There were coffee cups, and plastic Hollywood award statues everywhere advertising Hollywood as well the T-shirts, hats, and more. In honesty, if you wanted to get some Hollywood souvenirs the airport was a better place to get them more than Hollywood Blvd itself. I was just surprised there wasn’t an In-N-Out Burger place somewhere in there along with the Asian food restaurants. They also had so many more palm trees surrounding the place that it was unnatural. I almost gave somebody the number to the reliable tree service I use known as Concord Tree Services to see if they could help them out.
I’ve been to the Houston International Airport as well, and it was the same sort of idea of trying to immediately push products into tourists while the excitement of getting to Houston was at higher levels. Astros merchandise, cowboy hats, and other “Texas” stereotypical tourist gift shops with I can only assume had at least one themed barbecue restaurant thrown in.
It’s not all about money, though, and some of it is a good thing. Especially when you go overseas to foreign nations. When people arrive somewhere far away on vacation for the first time, they’re dying to learn more about the city they’re in. Airports provide that to everyone going through no matter what reason they’re there for.
Even if you are from the United States, and aren’t going overseas, you still get a full experience from every city you visit for the first time. It may not be something you take into account at first, but even though the cities are part of the same country they can be entirely different. Every city has its cultural influence dependent on the foreign countries they are close to or just its history in general. A major city airport in Florida in the example and a major city airport in Michigan would be like visiting two entirely different worlds for many people.
Most people aren’t in an airport for more than a few hours, but other people who stay the night would likely agree. Airports are distinctive as according to their city. Even though they’re all airports, you can talk to a frequent flier, and they won’t mix up any two. The next time I want to learn about the next city I’m visiting, or picking up a souvenir, I’ll put the little extra time aside to do it at their city’s airport. It makes for a wonderful experience in an already wonderful trip.

Need help knowing which cities have the best airports? Check out the short video below!

Common Misconceptions About Airplanes


I believe that flying on an airplane has a lot of misconceptions behind it. Due to that, it’s probably one of the more feared ways of travel. Whether that’s due to either the cost of flying, or simply the fear of being the passenger in a plane altogether. There are a massive number of people who choose to drive absurdly long distances still today over the option of taking a short flight for those reasons.
Statistics will tell that flying is currently the safest form of traveling, but people are simply not convinced. Either that or they just think that it’s well out of their price range. As an individual who has both flown, and is filled with absolute fear of very many things, I’m actually in love with flying. My flying experience was smooth from the moment I got to the airport to the moment that I left the airport at my destination.
The moment I sat down in the plane’s seat, I felt a little bit of anxiety, but by the time that plane began to accelerate for take-off I fell in love. It was a little bit adrenaline inducing similar to a roller coaster ride, but not quite as intense. The flight attendants were kinder than I thought they should have had to be, and I was so comfortable that I slept through part of the flight easily. My experience in an airplane was so great that it renewed my interest in getting flying lessons later on down the road when I could afford it.
It’s what makes me wonder why the misconception is there that flying is so dangerous. One reason may be that airline accidents, or back experiences are more prevalent through our media than when to go normally as they should. It’s the same way with driving, but I think it’s an exception to the fact that driving is something everyone today considers an absolute one hundred percent necessity of life. Flying is something that most people, unlike driving, consider a high luxury.
I think it’s just the unfortunate circumstance of bad publicity winning over good publicity. With the very few airline accidents, and even fewer of them being fatal it’s good enough to overwhelm people with the right amount of anxiety. According to another statistic, there are approximately six hundred sixty thousand people in the sky flying around at any given time. That’s a massive number of people who are safer than the average individual driving a car.
All I can say that when I plan my next vacation, I will be traveling by airplane. It may not be a first class seat, but I will still enjoy it none the less. With food service, drink service, and a book I cannot imagine a better, and safer traveling experience myself. For those afraid I always recommend soothing yourself with the facts, and statistics behind air travel, and plan a trip to get over them. An airplane is simply an experience you’ll likely never forget.


Welcome to the Oran Mor Blog!

Welcome to the Oran Mor Blog!  Òran Mór is a Gaelic phrase and means ‘great melody of life’ or ‘big song’. What better name for a site about flying?  Only in this great, melodious song of life can we rise up into the air like birds, and soar alongside them. That’s why I’ve always loved flying, and I’ve been enthralled with the concept ever since I was a little kid. (See my about page for more about me and this obsession of mine.)

The video below is highly entertaining, and I highly recommend you check it out. See you next week!