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Common Misconceptions About Airplanes


I believe that flying on an airplane has a lot of misconceptions behind it. Due to that, it’s probably one of the more feared ways of travel. Whether that’s due to either the cost of flying, or simply the fear of being the passenger in a plane altogether. There are a massive number of people who choose to drive absurdly long distances still today over the option of taking a short flight for those reasons.
Statistics will tell that flying is currently the safest form of traveling, but people are simply not convinced. Either that or they just think that it’s well out of their price range. As an individual who has both flown, and is filled with absolute fear of very many things, I’m actually in love with flying. My flying experience was smooth from the moment I got to the airport to the moment that I left the airport at my destination.
The moment I sat down in the plane’s seat, I felt a little bit of anxiety, but by the time that plane began to accelerate for take-off I fell in love. It was a little bit adrenaline inducing similar to a roller coaster ride, but not quite as intense. The flight attendants were kinder than I thought they should have had to be, and I was so comfortable that I slept through part of the flight easily. My experience in an airplane was so great that it renewed my interest in getting flying lessons later on down the road when I could afford it.
It’s what makes me wonder why the misconception is there that flying is so dangerous. One reason may be that airline accidents, or back experiences are more prevalent through our media than when to go normally as they should. It’s the same way with driving, but I think it’s an exception to the fact that driving is something everyone today considers an absolute one hundred percent necessity of life. Flying is something that most people, unlike driving, consider a high luxury.
I think it’s just the unfortunate circumstance of bad publicity winning over good publicity. With the very few airline accidents, and even fewer of them being fatal it’s good enough to overwhelm people with the right amount of anxiety. According to another statistic, there are approximately six hundred sixty thousand people in the sky flying around at any given time. That’s a massive number of people who are safer than the average individual driving a car.
All I can say that when I plan my next vacation, I will be traveling by airplane. It may not be a first class seat, but I will still enjoy it none the less. With food service, drink service, and a book I cannot imagine a better, and safer traveling experience myself. For those afraid I always recommend soothing yourself with the facts, and statistics behind air travel, and plan a trip to get over them. An airplane is simply an experience you’ll likely never forget.


Welcome to the Oran Mor Blog!


Welcome to the Oran Mor Blog!  Òran Mór is a Gaelic phrase and means ‘great melody of life’ or ‘big song’. What better name for a site about flying?  Only in this great, melodious song of life can we rise up into the air like birds, and soar alongside them. That’s why I’ve always loved flying, and I’ve been enthralled with the concept ever since I was a little kid. (See my about page for more about me and this obsession of mine.)

The video below is highly entertaining, and I highly recommend you check it out. See you next week!